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A Local Port Huron

A Local Port Huron, Michigan Funeral Home

The Smith family has a long history in Port Huron, Michigan. Their funeral home sits proudly on Main Street and is located between the St. Joseph Hospital and the St. Rose Memorial Catholic Church. The entire storefront is decorated with religious images and has been featured in several well-known national publications including “The Sunday Times” and” Town and Country.”

For many years, the Smith’s family ran this popular funeral home as a fully licensed assisted living facility for the care of the elderly and disabled. During the summer months, the center was considered one of the best facilities in the state of Michigan. In fact, it was often compared to a small city in the United States. It was especially popular among families who were traveling on vacation or working in another city. As a family operated this popular business, the staff took great care in caring for their clients and the people who came to the center.

When Hurricane Andrew hit the area in August of 2021, the entire storefront went down. Fortunately, much of the structure was still intact. The Smith family decided to rebuild the entire funeral home on the spot. Today, the funeral home is run as a fully functional assisted living facility, offering twenty-four hour supervision to residents. The entire staff continues to work at the facility every day, ensuring that each resident gets the best care possible.

A Local Port Huron

Dignity And Respect

Smith Family Funeral Home has always prided itself on treating its customers like family. The team offers state of the art equipment, as well as a fully staffed facility with licensed, experienced funeral directors. During the times that your loved one is in need of extra help, the staff can make arrangement for someone to visit them in the hospital or in another facility, if necessary. If your loved one is interested in exploring other options, the funeral director can assist you with finding programs to display his or her photos.

The Smith Family Funeral Home is committed to excellence, service, compassion, and excellence in the Port Huron community. We value our reputation and will do what it takes to keep it. Our focus is on being a family oriented funeral home, offering all that we can to take care of your family’s needs, while giving back to the community. When you are ready for something fresh and new, contact the Smith family for more information.

With twenty-four hours of admittance, we believe we can make your transition to our facility as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Our friendly and knowledgeable team will assist you from start to finish. With the Smith Family Funeral Home located in beautiful Port Huron, Michigan, you have come to the right place. Our warm and sincere staff will ensure that your loved one’s death is met with dignity and respect.

Smith Family Funeral Home in Port Huron MI

Smith Family Funeral Home in Port Huron MI offers high quality burial and cremation services as well as funeral home facilities for a wide range of clientele. They offer a variety of options for clients who may need a simple memorial or cremation service and also provide memorial services and also funeral homes for those who would like a more elaborate service with many different options. The Smith Family Funeral Home is fully equipped to manage any situation that may arise throughout the life of a client. This includes but is not limited to, cremation, memorial services, interment, and post mortem procedures. They are fully licensed to perform these services and have highly trained staff.

Funeral Service Program

In your initial visit to the Smith family’s facility you should determine if a memorial or funeral service program is what you would prefer. If you do not already have one made up, this would be an easy step to fill. Once you have decided on the format of the program you would like, it is important to note that the Smith family will work with you to ensure that all your information is correct and also to make sure that your desires are met within the timeframe specified by your insurance company. This includes all insurance verification and premium calculation information. Once all information has been provided the funeral home may prepare your service, if you so desire, or send you home with your funeral service program.

When you have arrived at the facility, you should first notice the atmosphere of the place. The atmosphere is upbeat and filled with happy patients. Many people come to the facility to set up a new policy and family, while others may just want to visit and talk. If you would like to tour the facility, feel free to do so, but please avoid any contact with the patient families.



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