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Porter Funeral Home Obituaries

A Local Port Huron

A Local Port Huron, Michigan Funeral Home The Smith family has a long history in Port Huron, Michigan. Their funeral home sits proudly on Main Street and is located between the St. Joseph Hospital and the St. Rose Memorial Catholic Church. The entire storefront is decorated with religious images and …

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Funeral Home News

People Use the Internet to Publish Obituaries Funeral Home News – In a typical person’s funeral, the obituaries will be posted at the funeral home about two hours before the actual funeral memorial service. These obituaries are usually written by family members or friends and may contain information such as …

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Jowett Funeral Home

What to Expect at a Jowett Funeral Home The Jowett Funeral Home in Port Huron, Michigan is offering a special memorial service to celebrate the life of Ronald T. Jowett, who was recently announcing deceased. Mr. Jowett was a long time member of the church community and the community as …

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