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Funeral Home in Cincinnati

The Porter and Son Funeral Home in Cincinnati

The Porter-heon family will hold a public funeral service at their residence on Easter Sunday, April 16, at 10:00 am. The funeral memorial service will be followed by an open reception. Any flowers may be delivered to the house. Memorial gifts can also be given to the Porters-Horn funeral home,601 Cedar Creek Blvd., #200, Valley City, NV eight962.

Memorials or gift cards can be mailed to the funeral home. The funeral service can be officiated by the Rev. Thomas H. Porter, III. Services are scheduled for the porter and son funeral home and for the church on Sundays, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday during the summertime.

Funeral services for the burial of James Porter, III will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday at the cemetery in St. George. The service will start with a funeral tribute to Mr. Porter by members of the congregation. Following this, the body will lie in state in the funeral casket in the visitation area. A short obituary will be read to share the deceased’s life accomplishments and the cause of death. An additional guest may then give an opening address.

Funeral Home in Cincinnati

Personal Memories And Thoughts

A funeral home viewing will follow at the conclusion of the visitation. The body will be prepared for the final presentation at the home. It is possible that the service could be held on the anniversary of Mr. Porter’s death, Wednesday, or Saturday, depending on the scheduling of the funeral home and the preferences of the surviving family members.

A wake for Mr. Porters will follow at approximately noon on Wednesday, or possibly on the anniversary of his passing, whichever comes first. Wreaths and flowers will be offered to the surviving family members. This service will conclude with the sharing of special memories of the deceased and his legacy.

A memorial service for James Porters, III will probably take place at any number of locations throughout the state if the family desires. The most convenient location for a memorial service will most likely be the hometown of Mr. Porters. There are various historical sites in the state that are open to visitors who would like to include their loved ones in the ceremony. The family may choose to have the ceremony or funeral services occur outside of the home as well. This could allow the surviving family members to travel and attend the services while allowing them to meet the deceased occasionally throughout the years. It will also allow them to pay their tributes, share their personal memories and thoughts about their loved one.

Visitation For Porter and Son

In the Tampa Bay area, there are many funeral homes to choose from, but one stands out – Porter and Son. This funeral home prides itself on its “no pressure” service. There is no need to wait in line, and you can get an appointment as quick as possible.

Provide Support

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending the funeral of one such a great person, a young woman who was a member of our church. She had been a member for many years and always made a positive impact on all who knew her. The atmosphere at the porter and son funeral home was jovial, even during the eulogy by her son. It was a fitting tribute to his beautiful wife. I have seen some other funeral houses that go easy on the bereaved, but nothing compares to what this establishment did for the deceased.

When I got home, I called the funeral home and spoke with the manager, who was very kind and understanding. She explained that they do not have a fixed start time for visitation. They begin the visit as soon as they are confirmed and can’t keep people around longer than that. The unfortunate thing was, we were scheduled to be there on Wednesday. We will be there on Wednesday morning, at the earliest, to provide support and a place to talk during the evening.



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