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Gabriel Funeral Home Texas Obituaries – Read More About This Famous Lady’s Life

There is a direct connection between Dr. Gabriel and Mrs. David Gordon, as expressed in the obituary for Gabriel’s wife. In an interview with George Plimpton, he correctly identified the young wife of Dr. Gabriel as his step-sister. George Plimpton was one of the famous young investigators of grave matters, and this is evident in his fingerprints on the obituary. This young woman was also referred to as Rose. The fact that she was Mrs. David Gordon’s cousin only strengthened the familial relationship.

Rose was a good friend of both Dr. Gabriel and Mrs. Gordon and had been with them in their visits to the grave sites. She was also a trusted aide to both of them, assisting them with their investigation work and providing them with information and details regarding the bodies. It is also known that she took part in the funeral arrangements. It is also stated in the obituary that she was a valued friend of the Gordon family.

The death records also indicate that Rose married Henry Collier, another well-known Texas Ranger, in 1855. This was quite short-lived marriage, however, and divorce papers were issued for the couple. It is also known that Rose was very close to her young son, George Plimpton, who became an avid Ranger and later a Ranger trainee. This young boy would have been familiar with the family and the town of Galveston at this time. Rose was also said to be very close to her daughter-in-law, Ida Mae Gordon.

Gabriel Funeral Home Texas Obituaries

Personal Information Available

According to the death records, Rose was also active in community affairs. Her contribution to the suffrage movement is indicated in the obituary. She was active in the petition asking for the right to vote and for the extension of suffrage among other issues. The obituary also indicates that Rose was active in the Anti-Cigarette League and the Ladies Christian Temperance Association. It is also stated that she had been active in the suffragist movement since its inception. It is interesting to note that this was just prior to World War II when women were actively participating in the movement for the right to vote.

The obituary further reveals that Rose worked as a bookkeeper for the Galveston funeral home. It is also stated that Rose had worked in the Texas oil fields in the past but quit when her son got a job with the Texas Railroad. The death records also indicate that she was an avid reader and that her favorite books were Hemingway’s Old Man and the Sea and American Dreams. It is also noted that Rose was very passionate about art and was good at sketching.

Rose is buried at Crestview Cemetery in Galveston, Texas along with her parents, two sisters and one brother. There is no personal information available regarding where she was buried and what sort of grave marker they used. Her parents are buried alongside her and are described as “in good health” and as “married.” Her two sisters are also described as “healthy” and as “very dear” to Rose. Her brother was described as “unemployed” and “married.”

The Gabril Funeral Home Texas Obituaries

Gabriel is an angel that was close to our hearts and at times in our lives since his birth. His passing is a huge loss to all who knew him and loved him. There is a place set up in the funeral home for anyone wishing to say a few words about our loved one and share their memories of this man. There is also a memorial candle that can be lit in memory of our loved one and shows how his life has touched so many lives over the years. This is a small way for you to remember your loved one and share a few memories with everyone else who attended his funeral.

Family And Friends

It is not only families who can come to say goodbye to their deceased loved ones through the Gabriel Funeral Home Texas obituaries. Visitors are welcome to come in to share their memories of meeting our deceased and their thoughts about his or her life. Visitors may bring a photo or a picture from when our deceased was a child, or what they remember about him as a child. This will allow the family to see what their loved one enjoyed, or maybe what he was like as a child in general. The memories will remain long after the funeral, if the guest is still able to remember things about our deceased.

Gabriel Funeral Home Texas obituaries will be coming to your location very soon. You should keep an eye on the website for updates on any new additions to the list of people to pay their last respects to our deceased. This is the best way for all to remember the life of our deceased and pay their final respects. Everyone will be saying their final goodbyes to the family and friends of their deceased loved one.



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