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Help For The Hannah Family

Help For The Hannah Family

A Hannah family member, Lauren Houghton was just 16 years old when her friend and former classmate Michael Demmer passed away from leukemia. Lauren was deeply touched when her good friend passed away because she had never known him to have cancer. She planned to have a private service and planned to have the deceased’s casket displayed at the funeral home in Port Arthur, Texas. That was two months ago. Today, her family has not received any type of money from Michael’s funeral home.

Lauren’s mother, Jackie, told the paper, “We tried to send flowers and money to the funeral home, but they said they didn’t have any money.” Another family member, Debbie told the paper, “We are just trying to put food on the table for our family. I am at a loss as to how to handle this whole situation.” She went on to say that she does not know who to turn to right now and is just taking it one day at a time.

There is a great deal of money involved in setting up a funeral home in Texas. It would cost too much for them to hire someone locally just to do the job and cover their costs. They could use money received from another family member to help defray some of the expenses. Or they could even ask God for some financial help.

Help For The Hannah Family

Her Financial Situation Has Improved Greatly

In order for the funeral home in Port Arthur, Texas to take care of Lauren’s family, they would need to make some arrangements with her family and pay them for their services. If it was not good enough that Lauren’s family paid for the funeral because of the money shortage, then the family could have their pick of where the money would go. And that is the biggest problem.

The Hannah family was very upset about this because they thought that this could only mean that their loved one did not have a chance to be with them after she passed. And they were not willing to sacrifice this opportunity for Lauren simply because they were short on money. That is why the entire situation has caused them to be very grateful for the financial support that has been provided to them.

It has been overwhelming to know that even though they do not have a lot of money, their loved one’s funeral home has offered to cover most of their costs. This has been great for the entire family. Now they can focus on enjoying the last moments of Lauren’s life with their daughter before she passes on instead of stressing about finances. Lauren’s mother is overjoyed because this has made things a lot easier for her as well. Her financial situation has improved greatly since this has happened.

How to Plan a Hannah funeral

The Hannah funeral home in Port Arthur Texas, is a beautiful structure that offers services that can help you make decisions about your loved one’s funeral and more. As you look for an establishment that can accommodate all of the needs of your family member or friend, it is important to check out the options that are available at this particular port city in Texas. It is a bustling location that is perfect for planning funerals and memorial ceremonies. If you are going to send off your loved one in this area, it is important that you take the time to research all of the different funeral homes in the area to make sure that you are sending your loved one to a place that they are comfortable in.

It Will Make Everything Easier

One of the most important aspects of the funeral home that you will want to consider is the atmosphere of the facility. If you were to send off a loved one to the Hannah funeral home, you want to be sure that they are able to relax during the entire time of their service. There are many activities that they can participate in, so don’t feel like you are forced into making decisions. If you have some specific ideas, then you can ask the director for assistance in creating them. For example, if your loved one liked to write poems, you might ask if they could have a table where they can sit and take time with their favorite hobby. If you were to plan a vacation, then you might suggest that they get the room with a view of some of the surrounding attractions.

Planning a funeral can be stressful, but there are many things that you can do to make things easier. The best thing that you can do is to talk with the director about what you would like for your loved one to be remembered by. This is really important because you want to have a marker or banner at the funeral that will help others remember this person and the way that they lived their life. Another good thing to do is to ask about any special requests for flowers or memorial items. There are many different decisions to make, but if you are able to reach a decision together, it will make everything easier on everyone involved.



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