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Including a Celebration of a Loved One

Including a Celebration of a Loved One

The family of Joelle Lee Hull, a young woman who drowned while vacationing in Pensacola Beach Florida, is paying tribute to their beloved daughter by having her memorial service at the Jowett Funeral Home in Port Huron, MI. Ms. Hull was a single mother of three children. She had worked for many years at the Sears Auto Store, where she met and married a man named Bill Hull. On this very day in 1960, while on vacation with her family, Mrs. Hull took her little daughter Kaylee into the water near the beach where her husband had left her. Unfortunately, her little girl became a statistic called the Missing Child or Missing White Girl. This tragic event has led to the establishment of the Joelle Lee Hull Memorial Center in Port Huron, MI, which serves as a reminder to those families that do not know or have never heard of Joelle and Kaylee.

The memorial service will start at 4 PM. A short program will follow. The director of the Jowett Funeral Home, Robert J. Jowett, will read a brief obituary about the deceased. Family and friends are welcome to join in to honor Joelle.

Kaylee’s father, Bill, has requested that in lieu of flowers, a special memorial plaque to be displayed at the memorial site in honor of his daughter. The plaque is to be engraved with the names of both the mother and daughter. A photo is also requested. This will be placed on a special platter. It is hoped that whoever sees this plaque in public will take a moment to click and feel what it means to have lost a loved one like Joelle did. This in turn will provide a feeling of closure to those who were unable to attend in person.

Including a Celebration of a Loved One

You Will Always Have Her In Your Thoughts And Prayers

After the memorial ceremony is over, a private luncheon will be held to celebrate the life of Joelle and to give her family members a chance to say some final goodbye’s to her. There will also be a celebration of her life and achievements. The cost of this reception is determined by the financial circumstances of the family. In the event that funds are available, arrangements can be made to accommodate as many people as possible. These include close friends, extended family and classmates.

At the conclusion of the day, a private dinner will be served in honor of Joelle and her many accomplishments. The Jowett Funeral Home crew will prepare a menu to include all of the following: favorite sandwiches, a selection of salads, dessert and one special recipe. It is hoped that everyone attending will come away with a smile on their face from the great love they experienced while knowing of their loved one’s life achievements.

It is hoped that the Jowett Funeral Home can provide its usual services in addition to handling requests for memorial items, sympathy and even cremation arrangements. If you feel you need additional information or have questions, contact the funeral home at (414) 715-3200. A representative will be happy to assist you. In the meantime, remember Joelle and the many ways she enriched your life. You will always have her in your thoughts and prayers.

Port Huron, Michigan – The Home of Lasting Memories

The Jowett Funeral Home is a small, regional funeral home based in Port Huron, Michigan. Established in 1923, the family-run business offers many unique services to their clientele. The funeral home prides itself on being the “Home of Lasting Memories”. The store has four rooms and each has a special theme for those services. In addition to the traditional services that are offered daily, the funeral home also offers memorial services, wake services and even ceremonies and pep rallies.

Funeral Services

The funeral home prides itself on providing outstanding customer service, including making the transition for the family easy by making funeral plans and arrangements online. The entire process can be completed within thirty days or less. The funeral home offers services such as planning a memorial service, providing memorial items, writing an obituary and conducting the final service. There is also a full staff of licensed professionals to assist the client throughout the preparation process. The funeral home prides itself on its ability to make the entire process stress-free for the families.

The Jowett Funeral Home prides itself on offering its clients with top quality customer service from the time the customer calls to the time the service is conducted. Each family is encouraged to share a special memory they have of their loved one. This can include photographs, videos, or even a video tribute performed by an Elvis impersonator. Additional services include the option to upload a photo slide show of the deceased, which can be viewed throughout the funeral services or at a convenient time after the service.



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