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Karrer Simpson – An Entrepreneur and Friend

Karrer Simpson – An Entrepreneur and Friend

The Simpson family has long been a prominent part of Port Huron, Michigan’s community and the Simpson’s Funeral Home has been a go-to location for town residents for more than half a century. For those who are unfamiliar with the family, John W. Simpson was born in Bloomfield, Michigan in 1917 and died in Port Huron at the age of ninety-three. John W. Simpson was known for his kindness and his ability to always have a smile on his face. Known as “the other John,” John was also a great community organizer and was very active in local political, social and religious affairs.

John W. Simpson lived and raised his family in the small fishing village of Karrer, Michigan. It was here that he served as both Village Clerk and the village Postmaster. He also became well known for being the treasurer of the Port Huron Fishing Association, a position which required a tough commitment of all his finances. John and his wife, Ida, always remained dedicated to ensuring that their children had a high quality of life by helping to support their education, especially their son Homer, who excelled at sports and mathematics.

Homer is a natural-born leader. As a young man, Homer struggled through two years of high school before graduating. Following graduation, Homer worked hard at earning an accounting degree from the University of Michigan. After working for several years in the financial sector, Homer earned a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Following his years in Chicago, Homer worked as a professor in the Public Administration department at the University of Minnesota.

Karrer Simpson - An Entrepreneur and Friend

Made A Name For Himself In The UK’s Legal Industry

John and Ida were a couple who enjoyed spending time with their son, Homer. When Homer was in college, the family took a trip to Ireland where John Simpson served as a soldier in the British Army. While in Ireland, Homer earned a second degree in Law at university in Scotland. Once back home, Homer continued to study law at the University of Glasgow. During this time, he met and married Ida Widman, who became pregnant before graduating from law school.

John and Ida’s son, Homer, served in the Peace Corps in Africa, later earning a master degree in Business and Management. Homer lived and studied in London, while maintaining his citizenship in Scotland. One of John Widman’s many honors was being awarded the Knight of the British empire award. The Knights of the British Empire are an honorary group within the Commonwealth of Nations.

Karrer Simpson was one of Scotland’s most distinguished families. His parents, Ida and John, worked hard to support their family. John and Ida worked long hours to provide their son with every opportunity to excel in school and beyond. They raised their family to have respect for one another and for the UK’s economy. By working hard, Karrer Simpson made a name for himself in the UK’s legal industry.

The Karrer Simpson Funeral Home in Port Huron, IL

The Karrer Simpson Memorial Service will take place at the Karrer Simpson Funeral Home on Huron near Port Huron. Mr. Simpson was a native of Ireland, who settled in Huron and loved his adopted country. He served in the military during World War II and was honorably discharged. He was an active participant in the civil rights and anti-discrimination movement in Ireland. He was very proud of the work he had done and always referred to himself as a “Rainbow Warrior”. He enjoyed his free time sketching, hiking and boating on the Gulf of Mexico and the nearby islands of Haulover and Waverley.

Remarkable Man

On the day of the service you will have many choices of where you would like to go. The church or hall can be set up for family and friends to meet before the service if you desire, or you may want to have a special memorial for Mr. Simpson. Alternately, you could choose to have the service held in the Karrer Simpson Firehouse. It has a beautiful atmosphere with the comfortable seating that is needed for a gathering with people so close, yet so far away.

When checking out the services of the Karrer Simpson Funeral Home in Port Huron, IL you should feel comfortable communicating with a person of the funeral home staff and getting the answers you need. There are many great programs that can be selected to help you commemorate Mr. Simpson and your family’s loss. You will find many poems, songs and sayings that reflect the personality of this remarkable man.



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