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Life and legacy of a Community Builder

Frank Pollock, the Life and legacy of a Community Builder

The Pollock Randall Funeral Home will prepare and stores the body of your loved one. It is a small, locally owned business that serves customers in southern Michigan since 1974. The company was started by Frank Pollock, an American worker who moved to Huron, Michigan, in that city’s northwestern region to construct scaffolding and work buildings for builders. Frank Pollock was also a carpenter and carver, so he naturally began a funeral home, also called a mortuary, in that area. Frank Pollock enjoyed his work and built many of the structures that are still standing in the Pollock Randall Memorial Park in southwest Michigan.

Frank Pollock served as the funeral director and chairman of the board for many years. Frank Pollock served as the acting director or CEO from 1984 until he passed away. Pollock loved being a part of the community, and he was particularly proud of the way that he has treated the people in the funeral home. The people at the Pollock Randall Funeral Home have been extremely kind and cordial to all of the families that they have serviced throughout the years.

Frank Pollock built the wonderful fellowship among the various faiths and religious groups in the area. He always made sure that everyone felt welcome, including the families. Frank Pollock was especially kind with the children and the elderly in the area. He was very helpful with their schedules and was always willing to set up a late tour for them if the opportunity presented itself. He was very active in the lives of all of the deceased’s family members.

Life and legacy of a Community Builder

Purpose In Life

Frank Pollock was a very loving father, grandfather, and brother, and he had a special way of letting others know how much he loved and appreciated them. Frank Pollock was a highly respected member of his church family and was always available to help those in need with whatever they needed. Frank Pollock always made sure that he gave the money that was going to be contributed to the funeral home a few days before his death so that there would be enough money for the funeral expenses to be covered. He always made sure that he had a sufficient amount of money in the bank to cover whatever unexpected bills might arise from his passing.

It has been an article of faith for many families to have Frank Pollock as a lead-in to the funeral service. Frank Pollock’s leadership as a funeral director and volunteer has been a wonderful example to many of the members of his congregation, the staff at the Pollock Randall funeral home, and the entire community. Frank Pollock truly exemplified what it means to be a loved one and to want to help those that are in need. He did not just want to be a good father or a good grandfather; he wanted to help those that needed him most.

Frank Pollock will surely be missed by many in his immediate family, the community, and by those who knew him. But his legacy will live on through the work of his assistants, volunteers, and by the other people whom he inspired. His legacy will continue to help those in need even after his death because the message he left with those that were dear to him will continue to guide those that are still searching for their purpose in life. If you are looking for a way to honor Frank Pollock as you mourn the loss of your loved one, you may want to consider contacting the Pollock Randall Funeral Home.

John Pollock, Business Owner and Memorialized

In 2021, I had the honor of attending the Pollock Randall Funeral Home in Port Huron, Michigan where the passing of John Pollock was covered live on MSN. John Pollock was a local entrepreneur who had become well known for his entrepreneurial flair and passion. He had started his business in the early 1920s at the age of 24 while he served in the military during the Second World War. After the war he established a successful car wash business that would remain his primary source of employment for the remainder of his life.

Last Of A Long Line Of Entrepreneurs

During his service, the funeral home noted that Mr. Pollock loved fishing and always expressed how much he enjoyed catching fish as a sport and as an entrepreneur. He had also taken part in many community events as well as serving on many town council boards and as an economic development officer for the town. He was a tireless worker who constantly worked towards the best in quality and standards. He was one of the last of a long line of entrepreneurs that founded businesses in the popular tourist areas of Port Huron, Harbor Beach, Bloomfield Hills, Novi, Brighton and Whitefish Bay.

John Pollock leaves behind a legacy of many awards and accomplishments including a share of the annual Jack Walkerman Trophy, which is presented by the Michigan Culinary Association. He was also listed on the Forbes Magazine’s” Hundred Most Influential People in America” list for the period of 2021 to 2021. Additional honors that are attributable to him include the rank of vice president of the Michigan Commercial Credit Union and the recipient of the Governor of the State of Michigan’s Executive Office. His place in the annals of Michigan royalty is deserved.



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