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Porter Funeral Home in Urbana

A Carpenter Porter Funeral Home in Urbana, IL honors Richard Carpenter

As a former employee of Carpenter Porter Funeral and Cremation Services, experienced to see the other side of the business when my father died suddenly in March of last year. John, Hannah, Carroll and all the crew were very kind and caring to family until dad passed away. When dad was breathing he would be so happy and everything around him would just be magical. Carpenter has always served families just like can remember and haven’t been disappointed. This is the second time that I’ve been to one of their funerals and it was very heart-felt and beautiful.

The funeral home has four full floors dedicated specifically to the burial needs of people who are from the greater Seattle area only. It is the main funeral home in our town. Dad lived in WA but had kids from out of state that went to school here. This made it very difficult for dad to be able to be at the funeral home because it was like a jolt to his system that he wasn’t really there.

There was no way that we could pay for the extended service that we wanted so mom and I decided that dad would get the last goodbye that he deserved and that was at the Carpenter’s. It was awesome because we could not stop talking about the funeral home and how we missed having him there for us. It is also nice to have someone close by to help and be a support in the hardest times that are trying. It is comforting knowing that someone is there to lean on when you need it and love unconditionally. The staff of the funeral home makes it easy for families to go there when they are ready to talk about their loved ones.

Porter Funeral Home in Urbana

About Memorial Plans

There are four main floors and I believe that each floor symbolizes what my dad did for all of those people. On the first floor is the Hall of Fame, which is where all of the best remembered people have their picture taken and put on a wall. This is where you can see all of the names of people that my dad worked with over the years. It will be nice to be able to look back on these great memories and think about the memories that you have with them. That is the second floor and it will be named the Richard W. Carpenter Mortuary.

It is located on the third floor is where you will find the remains of Richard W. Carpenter. You can also view the different caskets that were presented to different families for their loved ones. It is a nice tribute that your dad gave to all of the people that he helped and served with. The fourth floor is where all of the obituaries are posted and can be viewed by the public.

Richard Carpenter was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and friend. You can see all of the things that he was proud of on this plaque and you can also see how much he loved his son. Richard Carpenter was a lovable person with an absolutely wonderful personality. Your loved one will always have a place in Richard’s heart. You can visit the Carpenter Porter Funeral Home in Urbana Illinois and speak to one of the counselors about memorial plans that you can make for your dad.

Carpenter Porter Funeral Home

Carpenter Porter Funeral Home has been providing top quality funeral home services in the Texas area since 1958. They are a full service funeral home dedicated to providing quality customer service using state of the art facilities and highly skilled staff. The funeral home prides itself on being a place where families come together to celebrate the life of their loved one while being comforted by trained, licensed professionals. They strive to offer each family the most personalized service available and strive to ensure all details are taken care of.

Remember This Special Person

With locations throughout Texas, Carpenter Porter Funeral Home offers many choices for funeral services. They offer burial services, cremation services, and funeral homes that specialize in a specific religious or memorial service. This allows families to have a final resting place close to home. Many also provide services for those from other states, as well. Some of the funeral homes they service are located in Fort Worth, Austin, Dallas, and El Paso. Some have satellite locations, allowing families to travel to the funeral home when possible.

Family and friends can make life’s memory vivid by celebrating one’s life at Carpenter Porter Funeral Home. During this time of celebration, people are able to say good-bye to their loved one without worrying about any arrangements, bills, or financial burdens. Anyone who desires can simply stop by for a personal consultation, meet with the director and make arrangements for a memorial or funeral service. It is important to contact them as soon as possible so arrangements can be made ahead of time and everyone can meet and remember this special person.


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