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Porto Funeral Home

What To Expect At The Porto Funeral Home

Since 1931, Porto Funeral Homes was established by the late Albert L. Porto. Porto Funeral Homes is dedicated to serving families throughout New Haven County. Porto Funeral Homes offers a wide variety of services from a simple funeral service to planning a funeral and even providing interment services. Porto Funeral Homes provides complete service and support for all families regardless of religion, race, ethnic background or economic status. They understand the importance of each family’s relationship with the church and are committed to being accessible to their communities.

The Porto Funeral Home offers the most comprehensive services in the state of Connecticut. A traditional funeral service is held at the funeral home in accordance with local church rules. Family and friends may choose to have a memorial mass that includes the viewing of the cremated remains, interment and the distribution of the ashes. Cremation services are also offered for a fee. Some optional services that may be offered by the funeral home include the preparation of the guest book and directions to the church or place of worship. The facilities will also assist in arranging the funeral service as well as the transportation of the body from the medical examiner’s office to the crematory.

The Porto Funeral Home services will also assist families with the details regarding the cremation of the cremated remains. The funeral home will prepare the body for cremation according to state laws. The body is cremated following the viewing of the cremated remains by the family or a memorial service. The cremation service is usually held at the location where the deceased resided or where the final celebration of life began.

Porto Funeral Home

Special Memories

The Porto Funeral Home also offers emotional support for the surviving family members. Counselors and spiritual support can be very important during a difficult time such as this. It is comforting to know that a dedicated funeral director cares about the well being of everyone in the family. Often, people go through periods of mourning and sadness after losing a loved one, but having such a resource available during this time can make the recovery process easier.

The Porto Funeral Home prides itself in providing personalized support to the families that have lost a loved one. Many times it is the emotional support that is so vital to helping families begin to rebuild their lives and bringing closure to their losses. Although many services are offered at the funeral home, specific requests for services may be made in regards to the arrangements of the service, the program or memorial service.

If you are looking for a specialized funeral or memorial service program, the funeral home can assist with the selection of the right one. The selection of the right program depends on the wishes of the surviving family members and the director. There are many choices to make when it comes to the design of the program, including several different fonts to choose from. A funeral web page can be created as well that includes photographs of the deceased as well as obituaries, special memories and biographical information.

What Happens at the Porto Funeral Home After the Death?

The Porto Di Imperia, Italy based funeral home has long prided itself on providing state of the art funeral services to their clientele. Although the Porto Di Imperia is not located in Italy proper, but instead its main office is based in New York, Nairobi and London. The Porto Di Imperia was founded by Piero di Capo; it is one of the most established and respected funeral homes in Italy and is often referred to as a Ciego Mortuar which translates to “ironical death home.” In recent years, the Porto Di Imperia has expanded greatly and today, is considered a global leader in funeral services.

Funeral Service

Overview. Porto di Imperia funeral procession provides a complete solution for families seeking an alternative to traditional funeral services. At the Porto di Imperia, families have access to a variety of high-end funeral procession services designed to meet a variety of family needs. A funeral procession begins at the porto funeral home where a viewing service for the body will take place with a viewing candle and a short funeral procession composed of members of the family and clergy proceeding to the cemetery atrium. From there, the cortege will meet with the hearse to transfer the deceased person’s casket to the ground in a hearse accompanied by flowers and fireworks.

The entire funeral procession makes a short journey to the cemetery where the remains of the deceased are prepared for burial. If preferred, a body bag service can be arranged with specific flowers provided by the Porto Di Imperia funeral procession. The deceased’s remains will then be placed in the specially designed tomb known as a nativity stone. The entire funeral procession travels back to the porto funeral home where the actual funeral service can be held. A private funeral service can also be arranged upon request at the conclusion of the life of the deceased. These services are provided by the clergy.



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