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Catholic Church

Catholic Church – The Catholic Church or the Roman Catholic Church (Latin Catholic Church) is the most congregational Christian denomination, whose spiritual head is the Archbishop of Rome (Pope). There are approximately 1.2 billion members in the world. Catholics are predominantly found in South America and southern Europe.   Catholicism …

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Funeral House

Funeral House –  Talking about the book with passion, rather than meticulous analysis, impresses me more. Objectifying the book to such an extent risks undermining the enjoyment of reading. The Funeral House / Festival House, which I was very impressed with, made me feel responsible for the book in this …

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What is the Word Meaning of the Bible

What is the Word Meaning of the Bible – The Bible comes from the ancient Greek word Ευαγγέλιον (Evangelion) meaning good news. According to this good news, Jesus Christ is the incarnation of God who came to earth. It is the fact that he died on the cross, was resurrected …

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The Meaning of Death in Christianity

The Meaning of Death in Christianity – Whatever the biological definition of death, it always remains for us the moment when the impossibility of communicating with the deceased is unalterable. One can no longer talk to the dead, act with them, or harmonize with them. No one can find or …

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What is Condolence House

What is Condolence House – In the past, when someone passed away, neighbors or relatives used to bring food to that house for days, saying, “There is pain, and the household should not deal with food”. Then we would understand better what the condolence house means. Being together, being together, …

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Porter Funeral Home

What Do I Do If I Want A Porter Funeral Home? If you have decided that a memorial or funeral service for a loved one is in order, you should contact the Hamilton Porter Funeral Home in Raleigh, NC. This funeral home offers both burial services and funeral services. The …

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