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What is the Word Meaning of the Bible

What is the Word Meaning of the Bible – The Bible comes from the ancient Greek word Ευαγγέλιον (Evangelion) meaning good news. According to this good news, Jesus Christ is the incarnation of God who came to earth. It is the fact that he died on the cross, was resurrected on the third day, and ascended to heaven until his return, so that our sins may be forgiven and our reconciliation with God.

What is the Word Meaning of the Bible


What is the Word Meaning of the Bible

How Many Bibles Are There?
The word Bible usually refers to the New Testament, but that’s a bit of a lack of concept. In our country, the impression that there are four Bibles is often four different Bibles, but this is wrong. The book we call the Bible in Turkey is actually the New Testament. The New Testament is one and consists of 27 books in total, including chapters describing the four gospels or four testimonies about Jesus Christ. So actually, Christians don’t have four Bibles. There is only one Bible with 27 chapters. So there is a Bible.

Gospel of Matthew (Bible)
Matthew is the first Gospel in the New Testament. It is a narrative of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. In Matthew Chapter, Jesus teaches people what it means to be part of his kingdom, the “Heavenly Sovereignty.” He is betrayed and crucified. He is resurrected and commissions his messengers to spread the gospel.

The apostle Matthew seems to have written this Gospel to a Christian community, either Jewish or quite familiar with the Jewish religion. Matthew presents Jesus Christ as the Messiah, the promised descendant of King David, who will bring the kingdom of God to earth and establish a time of peace and justice (Matthew 1:1). It quotes extensively from the Old Testament and places special emphasis on Jesus Christ’s fulfillment of prophecies that may be important to Jewish listeners. Matthew tells us the story of Jesus with an emphasis on the Messiah or the role of the Messiah:

Jesus is the Son of God. The Virgin Mary conceived through the Holy Spirit and gave birth to Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:18-20) and God approved Jesus as his beloved Son (Matthew 3:17). He is the incarnate God who lives among humans (Matthew 1:23).

Jesus Christ is king. He is a descendant of King David (Matthew 1:1). Jesus repeatedly announces that the heavenly kingdom is approaching (Matthew 4:17) and tells many parables about it. Matthew speaks more of the “sovereignty of God” than of the “heavenly kingdom” than any other Gospel.

Jesus Christ is the promised savior. He is the son of Abraham, whom God promised to bless all the nations of the earth. Matthew highlights the Old Testament prophecies that Jesus fulfilled through his ministry from his birth (Matthew 1:22–23; 2:5–6, 17–18) and up to his death and resurrection. He lives a righteous life, teaches us what it means to be righteous, and dies on the cross so that we can be justified before God.

Matthew begins with a simple explanation of who Jesus is (Christ) and ends with a simple explanation of what we should do: make disciples for Him.

Gospel of Mark (Bible)
Mark is the biblical story of what Jesus Christ did for us. The writer Mark wrote this book based on the apostle Peter’s memoirs of Jesus’ words and actions.

Mark is the second Gospel in the New Testament. It is a narrative of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. Like the other Gospels, Mark records the life of Jesus Christ: His miracles, his betrayal, death, resurrection, and final commandment. However, Mark’s Gospel is rather short. It is almost half the size of Luke and focuses more on what Jesus Christ did than what Jesus Christ said. Mark’s stories are not arranged chronologically; instead they have been put together to give us a quick and accurate view of Jesus Christ.

This Gospel highlights two important characteristics of Jesus Christ:

Authority as God’s Son
His compassionate service to people (especially in miracles)

As you read Mark, you will find the word “at once” repeated often: Mark is a quick, urgent, bold message about who Jesus Christ is and what he did.

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